Complex Lacerations Services

Cuts Are Among The Most Common Injuries Treated By Our Team.

Complex laceration repairs are necessary following significant cuts.

When it comes to severe cuts and bleeding, we offer the necessary complex laceration repairs. This type of medical emergency is nothing to take lightly. Our qualified urgent care staff will handle your situation with the utmost respect and priority. Complex laceration repairs involve stopping the patient’s bleeding, cleaning out the wound, and closing up the area to prevent further damage.

Common Causes for Complex Lacerations

Cuts are among the most common injuries our team treats. Most people will not go through life without suffering a cut to some degree, though some are much more significant than others. A person may get a minor cut from a sharp edge, pocketknife, or a fall on the pavement. Complex laceration repairs are necessary following significant cuts. These can occur from a variety of incidents.

Additional Information

Some of these may include some of the following:

  • Industrial Accidents with Machinery
  • Car Accidents, Bike accidents
  • Contact with Something with a Jagged Edge
  • Falling and Hitting Sharp Corners  
  • Accidents when Using Scissors or other Sharp Objects/Tools